Whole body cryo

Step into our whole body cryotherapy sauna at -250° Fahrenheit, walk out feeling new. This safe, pain-free treatment speeds up your body’s cellular metabolism, reduces inflammation, and increases blood flow and oxygen to your body all in 3 minute sessions.


How it works:
We use extremely cold temperatures to trick your brain into survival mode. This redirects blood into your core organs pre-fusing them with rich, oxygenated molecules. Once you step out, your body begins to heat back up causing your blood vessels to expand kickstarting dozens of benefits. Endorphins are released, pain starts to subside, and after only one session, you’ll experience a rush of energy while feeling relaxed and restored.


Quick recovery? No sweat.

Whole Body Cryotherapy in NY & CT

Every session is supervised by a licensed cryotherapy professional to ensure that you are safe and taken care of every step of the way.