Cryotherapy News and Press

Cryotherapy News and Press

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"Targeting your face or body with cryotherapy for three to seven minutes has lots of benefits if you are tight on time or need a quick pick me up."

-American Spa

Winner of the 2019 C-Suite Awards hosted by the Fairfield and Westchester County Business Journals. Winners are selected based on creativity, hard work and dedication to changing the face of our communities.
"Ice baths have long been used by, there's a new recovery trend that's even cooler—literally."

-Health Magazine

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XpresSpa Introduces New Cryotherapy Facial Treatment

-Nasdaq Global Newswire

New Beauty Magazine
“When it comes to getting better-looking skin, the temperature of your facial treatments has a lot more to do with the results than you may think.”

-New Beauty Magazine

New Canaan Patch
“Just as the weather begins to warm up, there's going to be a new way to keep your cool. Negative 264 degrees F cool, to be exact.”

-New Canaan Patch

Natural Awakenings
“Natural Alternative to Botox”

-Natural Awakenings Magazine

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“When I stepped out and back into my robe I felt instantly elevated.”

-Meg Zulch, Hamlet Hub

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"It may be summer in Eastchester, but one facility on Mill Road is freezing.."

-Corey Stockton, Rye City Review

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