Cryotherapy News and Press

Cryotherapy News and Press

"Ice baths have long been used by, there's a new recovery trend that's even cooler—literally."

-Health Magazine

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XpresSpa Introduces New Cryotherapy Facial Treatment

-Nasdaq Global Newswire

New Beauty Magazine
“When it comes to getting better-looking skin, the temperature of your facial treatments has a lot more to do with the results than you may think.”

-New Beauty Magazine

New Canaan Patch
“Just as the weather begins to warm up, there's going to be a new way to keep your cool. Negative 264 degrees F cool, to be exact.”

-New Canaan Patch

Natural Awakenings
“Natural Alternative to Botox”

-Natural Awakenings Magazine

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“When I stepped out and back into my robe I felt instantly elevated.”

-Meg Zulch, Hamlet Hub

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"It may be summer in Eastchester, but one facility on Mill Road is freezing.."

-Corey Stockton, Rye City Review

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