Nordic CBD CryoFacials

CBD CryoFacials

So, have you heard about CBD, aka Cannabidiol?

Nordic recently got CBD products into the stores (adding even more products soon!) and even though I have heard of CBD for quite some time, the anti-inflammatory results have truly presented themselves recently and I just knew our clients would love it. This past month, I was exposed to the booming trend of “CBD Facials.” Let me tell you about my experience and what the CBD facial did for my skin:

First, let me explain what CBD is in general. I would consider it one of the MVPs/Queen of the Wellness World at this moment. Cannabidiol, the anti-inflammatory, non-psychoactive component of the hemp plant, is widely known for being an incredibly powerful healing substance that can alleviate pain and reducing anxiety symptoms. Of course, this peaked my interest because we treat so many clients suffering from these ailments at our stores BUT then I got informed about the Beauty-Boosting aspects of CBD and I fell even more in love! Since it is an anti-inflammatory, CBD has now been infused into skin-care products so that it can sooth irritation and who doesn’t need that particularly in this weather! So, I started vigorously researching the benefits, where to get it done, how they do it, what products are the best and of course I HAD to give one of these babies a test drive! And I became HOOKED on CBD facials and had to introduce it to my Nordic clients!

So, let me explain what happens:

It all starts with CBD. “Do you want to take some CBD tincture?” will be the first question you will be asked when you get into our treatment room. “It’s going to make you relaxed, but not sleepy—just comfortably relaxed.” Soon after, your tech will be massaging your shoulders with a CBD massage oil to create energy flow and relax the body, releasing tension.

Next comes a Cleansing and Steam treatment. This will allow us to get rid of the waste buildup in your skin. The moist heat loosens plugs and encourages skin to sweat out any impurities that may be caught in pores.

Next comes the Exfoliant and Charcoal Mask treatment. Your tech will apply the Activated Charcoal Mud Mask for deep cleansing and exfoliation. This mask is combined with activated charcoal and dead sea mud which shrinks facial pores, fights acne, removes dirt and impurities deep down from the skin, opens clogged pores while offering a toned complexion.

More CBD please CBD Mask. A detoxic therapeutic mask, which helps to clean and restore skin damages, while improving the textural appearance of the skin. Its unique ingredients are based on results from the professional aesthetics arena. The combination of essential herbal ingredients, vitamins, oils and antioxidants are effective for soothing the skin, preventing dryness and wrinkles, and helps reduce signs of aging.

Let’s bring down all the inflammation and irritation with our CBD Calming Creams. For immediate reduction in skin redness and its rehabilitation, this product is great right after the exfoliate, steam, and masks. The cream’s uniqueness is in its powerful rehabilitative activity, and it is especially soothing and moisturizing. Its synergic components contribute to a reduction in different levels of skin irritation, to quickly improve and restore and elevate your skins natural activity.

To really Top it off, we will be using a relaxing Cryotherapy 6-minute session to partner with the CBD products to give you that youthful glow and stimulate the rejuvenating nerves in your face and scalp.

Finally, we end in our specialized CBD Serum and CBD infused Lift-Up Lotion. The synergy between the components and their enhanced efficacy contributes to preventing wrinkles, bleaching pigmentation, stretching and moisture the skin requires. A powerful anti-aging serum with a velvety texture for tightening and smoothening of wrinkles. Enriched with strong active components such as: retinol, DMAE, vegetable and oceanic polymers, peptides and hyaluronic acid. Has a quick and long-term simultaneous action. Provides moisture and a creates a young and taught skin tone.

You will realize that this is not your ordinary facial as it will make you feel really “good” and relaxed and that makes a big difference in the entire experience. You will feel like you just went on a vacation, the most relaxing vacation you ever had!

Let me know your feedback on this. Come experience your CBD Facial at our Nordic Edge Scarsdale, New York location – 58A Christie Place, Scarsdale NY 10583. Don’t forget to book in advance as it is an one-hour long treatment and its booking out fast!

Some of the Experts in this field 

Celebrity facialist and skin guru Ildi Pekar is offering a CBD Vibe Facial and it’s meant to “vibe you out,” she says. Pekar is no stranger to CBD, either—the beauty expert already sells a CBD-laced tissue repair facial serum and sleeping mask with CBD oil, so she’s a big fan of its benefits.

Dermatologists don’t necessarily hate it either. “CBD has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits on skin,” says Rosemarie Ingleton, MD, a New York-based dermatologist. “So, it might calm any rashes that you might be having, and should help control free radical formation in your skin.”

"Hemp seed oil is a natural oil derived from the hemp plant. Despite what many think, it is different from true marijuana and does not provide any psychoactive effects," says New York City dermatologist Joshua Zeichner. While for stoners, that may sound like a bit of a buzzkill, for your skin, it's a boon, as Zeichner mentions that hemp seed oil has high levels of CBD, which help to calm the skin.

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