Wellness on the Fly: Cryo in Airports

The Nordic Edgeblog

Wellness is a constantly evolving concept. From ancient medicinal practices to Western medicine and today’s alternative nature-based therapies, humans continually redefine what it means to be healthy and pursue wellness. 

Nordic Edge has worked hard to help evolve that definition to one that includes the use of technologies that enhance and leverage the body’s natural mechanisms for maximum healing, comfort, and beauty. In our fast-paced society, we need therapies that soothe joints, alleviate aches, and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, quickly and effectively. 

Today, we’re bringing those benefits to one of the most fast-paced and stressful environments on Earth: the airport. 


Planes and jets are notorious for causing cramping, swelling, stiffness, pain, and general bodily distress. Climbing off a long flight feels like unraveling your body from a coffin. Lifting luggage into and out of overhead compartments, dragging belongings through customs, and sitting for long periods of time can put a lot of strain on the body. These factors create a recipe for fatigue, complaining joints, and ill-health. 

At Nordic Edge, we’ve decided to do something about it. We opened our first treatment centers at DFW airport in April 2018 and at JFK in November of the same year. There, we provide localized cryotherapy, compression therapy, and our Xpres Cryo-Facial. 


We like to consider ourselves a recovery center for jet setters, which is why all of our treatments focus on fast relief for travel-related complaints. Whether the traveler has stiff joints, painful areas, swollen feet, or is just plain tired and lacking energy before, in-between, or after flights, cryotherapy and compression therapy can help. 


Localized cryotherapy immediately reduces inflammation which also relieves pain. For example, the lower back, knees, neck, and shoulder area all commonly develop aches and pains. Quick bursts of low temperature can help relieve pain and jumpstart healing, the same way an icepack can – but in much shorter amounts of time and with greater results. 


For the Xpres Cryo-Facial, we also use cold temperatures but focus on the face, scalp, and neck area. This offers a refreshing feeling due to the hundreds of nerve endings in the face that get stimulated from the cold. The treatment also increases collagen production, reduces wrinkles and fine lines, and treats inflammation of the face, such as sinusitis, migraines, and acne. 


Lastly, compression therapy consists of applying pressure to areas of the body. The client puts on large boots made to increase blood circulation to the legs, hips, or arms, depending on their trouble area. This in return mobilizes fluid, flushes out toxins in those areas, and gets rid of lactic acid buildup. The client will feel noticeably lighter on their feet and more flexible following the treatment. 


Nordic Edge just launched two new locations at Orlando Airport (MCO) on December 20th 2018. We are now working with XpresSpa to develop the other roll-outs for 2019 and hope to report further openings later this year and in the near future. 

We seek to provide the movers and shakers of the world with the relief their fast-paced lifestyle deserves. Similarly, we want to offer people who travel infrequently the option to do so in comfort and style. Whether our clients’ primary goal is relaxation, health, or beauty – or all three – we’re here to provide it.  

Have other questions about cryotherapy, compression therapy, or the Xpres Cryo-Facial? We invite you to get in touch with our team today.