The Truth about Cellulite

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Nothing puts fear in the heart of a woman than seeing that first dimple of cellulite appear on her thigh. Let’s face it – dimples are best served on the chubby cheeks of a baby!

While cellulite does discriminate slightly in that it’s more common in women (nearly 80%) than men, it also has a boatload of myths associated with it. Some say it’s caused by toxins in the body or obesity or even underwear that’s too tight! The cause is unknown, but we know that cellulite can occur in those who are fit as a fiddle as well as those who have a few pounds to lose.

Whatever the cause, those who suffer with cellulite know very well the havoc it wreaks on your self-confidence. Our body-con culture doesn’t help either with more and more advertisements focusing on women’s bodies.

Is there a Cure for Cellulite? 

Cellulite can begin to appear as early as puberty but its effects can last a lifetime. Thighs and buttocks are the prime target. While many companies boast of miracle creams or special loofahs to eliminate cellulite, none have been proven effective. Diet and exercise can certainly help but chances are they may only affect the appearance of cellulite. Nothing gets rid of cellulite forever.

Whole-body cryotherapy for cellulite reduction may help to reduce fatty deposits that are the main culprit. The extreme cold constricts blood vessels while improving skin tone. Skin is refreshed and more elastic after only one session.

If you’re interested in learning how Cryotherapy for cellulite can help you, contact Nordic Edge today.