The Pain of High School Sports

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You don’t have to be a soccer mom to know that sports is a big part of kid’s lives today. A Sunday drive around the neighborhood will provide you with proof as you pass by various fields filled with kids of all ages, sizes and abilities. A closer look and you’ll hear the cheers as little Johnny kicks the winning goal or hits the home run.

These future hall of famers will make their way into high school where sports get really serious. According to the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations), 2014 saw a record high participation level in high school sports with over 7.8 million kids.

But what happens after the game? Sure kids are resilient but guess what? They need time to recover after the big win and even after a long practice. Sugary sports drinks may replace electrolytes. Icing sore muscles can certainly bring relief, but sometimes more muscle overuse recovery is needed especially if kids experience frequent pain from overuse.

Use It And Lose It!

Overuse can occur not only from playing the actual game but with the pre-game activities like weight or skills training. Driven to be the best, kids are taught to push through injuries or pain but that’s part of the problem. Kid’s bodies are not fully-formed. Muscles, tendons, bones – all of these are still growing well into the teenage years. What might appear as a minor sprain could actually turn into much worse if not properly evaluated and treated?

The American Medical Society for Sports Medicine cites overuse as being on the rise as kids are pushed beyond their skill levels and abilities. Couple that with the mantra to “suck it up”, leaves many kids keeping their pain to themselves to avoid being benched.

While serious injury requires a doctor’s evaluation, minor bumps and bruises may be relieved with a 3-minute Cryotherapy athlete recovery session. Give Nordic Edge a call today to learn more about how we can help your high school star athlete get back on the field.