The Pain of a Migraine is Real

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If you’re one of the more than 37 million people in the U.S. who suffer from migraines, then you know how debilitating they can be. While migraines are more common with women, men are not exempt. Even kids can be affected.

What is a Migraine?

A migraine is not just a bad headache that can be eliminated by popping an OTC pain reliever. While throbbing pain on either or both sides of your head is common, you may also experience sensitivity to light, nausea or blurred vision. You can even faint from a migraine.

While the exact cause(s) of migraines is still unknown, genetics, hormones and an imbalance in brain chemicals may all play a part. However, the impact and cost of migraines is mind-boggling.

The Migraine Research Foundation states that over half of Americans lose work due to this chronic illness, but only 42% actually inform their supervisors as there’s a belief that migraines are not a viable reason to miss work. According to Reuters, absenteeism and decreased productivity costs employers $14.5 billion a year. Sufferers spend more than $41 billion per year seeking treatment. 

How Can I Cure My Migraine?

There is no cure for migraines. Home remedies may help ease symptoms but since everyone’s experience is different, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It’s best to consult your physician first who will likely take a full medical history as well as document the actual migraine experiences so he/she can rule out any other issues.

While localized cryotherapy packs applied to the back of the neck have shown promise in staving off a migraine, there’s much more to be learned about this disease. If you would like to discuss your particular migraine symptoms and how we may be able to help, contact Nordic Edge today.