Interview with Marie O’Connor of Nordic Edge on The Brooklyn Made Podcast - Part Two

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In Part Two, we’ll hear more from Marie O’Connor about Cryo T-Shock, whole-body cryo, high quality retail products, and the future of Nordic Edge. 

Suzanne Lynn: Can you talk about what Cryo T-Shock is? 

Marie O’Connor: Sure. Cryo T-Shock [is] a brand-new service that we just started launching last month. People compare it to CoolSculpting®. However – CoolSculpting® does fat freezing. What Cryo T-Shock does is also fat freezing, cellulite reduction, toning and tightening, and facials for anti-wrinkles. So, there [are] four different functionalities of it. What CoolSculpting® does is use high-frequency ultrasounds to kill fat cells. What we use in the Cryo T-Shock is thermal shock, which goes between hot and cold to kill the fat cells. And then there [are] different mechanisms for different thermal shock regimens that [helps with] toning and tightening, and the other three modalities. 

The before and afters are unbelievable. We usually do about five sessions on a client. It depends on how much fat you have, what areas you’re focusing on, and so forth. But the results have been absolutely tremendous. Again, [it’s] technology from Europe – from Italy, actually, Pagani, that just came out to the market in 2018. 

SL: Wow. You know, as you’re talking about this, I’m hearing several different types of sessions here in America that we’d have to sign up for and prepare for and everything – you’re getting this all in one session. 

MO: Yeah. So, we’re really trying to be convenient for people – and cost-effective. Even our whole-body treatments, they’re three minutes long. The T-Shock is a little bit longer, but the longest is going to be an hour. We are all the busiest people around – even when we don’t have something to do! I’d say about 90% of the people that come into our facility are all walk-ins. They’re coming in, they’re getting their stuff, and they’re getting out. 

SL: Who is your ideal clientele? I mean, are we looking for someone who needs to lose a certain [number] of inches because they’ve got a wedding coming up, or… who are we looking at? 

MO: Actually, the majority of people that come into our facility are in pain, and a lot of our services are geared around that. And, actually, that’s where I’m particularly interested and that’s where I did most of my research – on pain reduction and reduction of inflammation. And again, most of our therapies are built around pain or some type of ailment that an individual has. The only thing that’s more in the aesthetic/beauty arena would be Cryo T-Shock, which [is] for those individuals that work out all the time, are constantly go to the gym, [people that are or are not] having babies, [or people that] can’t lose that extra inch and [are] trying to tighten it up – that’s the perfect client for us. Or, people that do have a couple of pounds on them and they’re trying to lose it or have a healthy lifestyle. That’s who we’re here for. 

SL: I keep hearing you talk about pain and inflammation. That is really interesting to me. How are you getting rid of the inflammation? What is your process? 

MO: If you get injured, what’s the first thing you put on? Let’s say you sprain your ankle. The first thing you want to do is put ice on it, right? You want to reduce the inflammation in that area. So, we take that concept and actually, cryotherapy… cryo means “cold,” and therapy means—obviously—therapy. So, we just use cold therapy and we deliver it differently and a little bit more effectively than say, a traditional ice bath or an ice pack would.  

So, we use extremely cold temperatures. We go down to about -200F, -250F degrees for those three minutes. The whole point of that is to shock your [entire] system, to bring all the blood – once your blood leaves your extremities – [to] particular areas that have arthritis, or say your knees, or your fingers, or your hands – all that blood is leaving those extremities and going to your core organs. Any time blood goes through your lungs, which it will because it’s going to your core organs, it gets filtered with oxygenated molecules. That’s how your body regenerates itself. So, then you step out of the machine, all [of those] healthy, rich oxygenated molecules are returning back to those joints and those areas that have inflammation. So, that’s the concept around full-body cryotherapy, which is our number one service here in our stores. 

SL: That is really cool. To be honest with you, it’s foreign. I guess, no pun intended talking about Europe, but it’s foreign to us. What is the biggest hurdle when you’re trying to grow your business? Is it the unfamiliarity with it, or…? 

MO: Yeah, the number one hurdle is certainly education. We have about a 60% retention rate because once someone comes in here and tries it, they’re hooked. It’s those people that hear that number 200 and say, “I could never do that,” or, “Oh, it’s too scary.” What we try to do is, number one, educate them on the benefits of that. Number two, educate them on the actual process. We try to answer all these questions on our website to make them understand that this is not something like skydiving that you need to work up to do. I mean, our regular clients come in three to four days a week. This is their routine. So, to answer your question, the number one hurdle is education. 

SL: What are some of the items that you sell in your stores? 

MO: We [sell a variety of skin products that rejuvinate and restore the skin. These products are great in addition to the treatments we offer or even for those who just want a specific high quality product to use regularly at home.]

SL: This is a way that you can continue to care for yourself once you’ve left your session. 

MO: Exactly. 

SL: Where do you see yourself in five years? 

MO: So, we have nine stores open right now. Where do I see myself? I want to see a Nordic Edge in every town or every major city. More importantly, I want people to have access to alternative therapies that are quick and convenient. You don’t have to make an appointment for a massage a week from now and try to sort out babysitting for your kids. I want to be able to be like the fast food of alternative therapies. Come in, get what you need to do to feel better, reduce the inflammation in your body, bring your kids in, and just be accessible to the mass public. I want to be all over the country with our brand. 

SL: I think you have a pretty good chance of that happening. It’s a pretty neat product that you’re doing. Let’s talk about your Brooklyn location. 

MO: Yeah, so we are in the midst of getting permits. We have an expected opening date of May 1st [2019]. So that location is our biggest location. We’re really looking at that as almost a mother flagship of our locations. [It will be] [c]ompletely branded and we’re going to have probably double the amount of retail products. They’re a little [edgier] than maybe some of our other locations. So, we’re trying to fit into the community, and the best way to do that is for me to get out around Brooklyn a little more and introduce myself and try to make connections and partnerships with other local businesses and the people in the community. So, I’m really open and my ears are open for any advice and opinions that you guys can give me. 

SL: And that’s a good reason why you’re going to be successful because you’re open to the coaching and learning. I’m excited about the Brooklyn location. What’s the best way to book a session? 

MO: We book everything online. We will be going live with open booking for Brooklyn about two weeks before we launch. So, look out in April for that announcement. If you want announcements now and to keep on top of what our company is doing, you can just go to the website which is and sign up for our newsletter. 

SL: And how can people spread the word about what’s going on with you? I mean, this is so different and unique. With social media, your clients can do a lot of the work for you. 

MO: Absolutely. Again, 80% of our referrals are all client-based. Exactly what you said – social media is huge for us. If there are influencers in the community, please reach out to me personally. My email is: I would love to host you at our stores, and you can get different treatments. As long as you post and blog about it, it’s on me. 

SL: That’s very cool. Are there any specials or promotions, especially for the grand opening? 

MO: We haven’t worked with my marketing team just yet on what those promotions are, but absolutely. We’re going to have a big grand opening party that night and probably the week after the grand opening we’ll have major specials going on and specials on memberships in general. We’re really excited to get to Brooklyn! 

SL: And again, the best way to get a hold of you? First of all, let’s get the website one more time. 

MO: Sure. It’s And then if you want to personally email me, it’s

SL: Well good luck. This is so special and unique. You’re going to knock it out of the park. 

MO: Aw, thank you! I appreciate it. 

We’d like to thank The Brooklyn Made Podcast for inviting Marie onto the show. Our new Brooklyn location is opening soon – we can’t wait to see you there! Stay up-to-date with all things Nordic Edge by visiting our website.