Interview with Marie O’Connor of Nordic Edge on The Brooklyn Made Podcast – Part One

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Big news – Nordic Edge is expanding! We are excited to announce that we will soon be opening a brand-new location in Brooklyn. Marie O’Connor, the owner of Nordic Edge, recently appeared on The Brooklyn Made Podcast to talk about this exciting expansion. She also discussed all of the therapies Nordic Edge has to offer, including cryotherapy, compression therapy, infrared therapy, and retail skin products. You can listen to the full podcast here or read the transcript below! 


Suzanne Lynn: Well hello, I’m Suzanne Lynn, host of the Brooklyn Made Show. Today we have such a unique business and special lady heading it up. We’re going to be talking with Marie from Nordic Edge. For many of us, this concept of cryotherapy is like some futuristic stuff. But Marie’s going to share about the amazing health benefits of cryotherapy and [how] getting your body into temperatures twice as cold as the coldest month in Antarctica [can benefit the body]. So, if I’ve got your attention now, let’s jump in and meet Marie. 

Marie, you’re the owner of Nordic Edge. First of all, before we dive into this, tell us – what is Nordic Edge? 

Marie O’Connor: Sure. So, Nordic Edge is a modern wellness center. We are primarily known for cryotherapy, which is the delivery of extremely cold temperatures for an array of different health benefits. We also have other therapies, halotherapy, compression therapy, infrared saunas, and we sell a slew of high quality retail skin products. We like to consider ourselves innovative and modern in the health benefits that we offer. 

SL: So, when you talk about these different, you know… [products and other treatments] – [are they] mostly about relaxation and tension release? Or is there weight loss included, and firming up? What are some of the benefits of this? 

MO: So, every service has a different main benefit to it. Whole body cryotherapy is extremely beneficial to reducing inflammation. That could come from autoimmune diseases, arthritis, chronic pain, acute pain, injuries – we can target it to a specific area of your body, or we can [focus on] the entire body through our whole-body chambers. For infrared sauna, it’s a little bit different. The main benefit is detoxing, which also helps you lose weight. We also have compression for blood circulation, halotherapy [which] is more for respiratory conditions, and our Cryo T-Shock is really geared toward fat freezing. So, we do have a different type of treatment pretty much for everyone. 

SL: This is really cool. I mean, this is truly ground-breaking stuff you’re doing. 

MO: Yeah, a lot of this technology and [these] therapies in general [were] taken from European countries. And bringing it to the United States and trying to keep [it] innovative, and on top of all the new technologies that are out there. And you know frankly, ten years from now, cryotherapy, in the way that we deliver it now, may be different. We always want to deliver the best and the most modern therapies to our clients. 

SL: I’m interested by the fact that you said a lot of this is coming from European traditions and things that they’re doing. Are they ahead of us? 

MO: I think in terms of alternative medicines, absolutely. I would say even with some types of medical procedures they’re ahead of us. Experts in the field, particularly in alternative medicine, say that we are about ten years behind. 

SL: Oh wow. 

MO: Which is actually pretty spot-on for some of the therapies that were developed in Europe that I had brought, along with other people, to the United States about ten years later.  

SL: Interesting. When I think about the way that we’re eating in America compared to Europe, I mean – we probably need to detox and get out this inflammation and everything because of the processed foods that are not approved in Europe, right? 

MO: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we spend an absolute fortune on healthcare costs in the United States. But yet, our disease rates, our diabetes rates, and our heart disease rates are sky high compared to other European countries. We’re spending a lot, but the quality of life is not that great compared to other countries, yes. 

SL: Marie, how did you get into cryotherapy in the first place? 

MO: About five years ago I was working at a hospital, mostly in [the] critical section. A patient of mine had said that he had done this “cryo thing,” that it cured his back pain and he’s no longer on narcotics. And you know, being a nurse on the floor I was like, “Yeah, well if [it’s that] great, it would be all over the place.” 

Anyway, I was interested. I [had] just had a baby; I [had] just [gone] back to work. I was exhausted, my hormones were all over the place – I did not feel good. I went onto this website, and there was at the time one place in Manhattan doing whole-body cryotherapy. It was owned by a Polish woman who had brought the technology over from Poland. 

So, I went down there and the minute I stepped out of the whole-body machine I had not felt that good in a very, very long time. 

SL: Wow. 

MO: I was hooked right away, but what caught me was that the person who was administering the treatments couldn’t tell me exactly what was going on with my body. I asked the question, being a nurse, “Why do I feel this way? Why do I feel so energized?” And they couldn’t really tell me. Needless to say, I had just gone into my second year of my doctorate program and had to pick a dissertation topic – a research study. So, I ended up doing my research on cryotherapy. 

SL: Timing is everything, isn’t it? 

MO: I know, I know. So, I learned so much about it. I learned so much about that particular therapy in general. And again, 99% of the research was done in Europe, not in the United States. At the end of my program, I knew so much about it. And there was still nothing around besides this little place in Manhattan and I said, “You know what? I probably know more than anyone so I should just open my own.” So, I ended up opening my first location about three years ago. 

SL: Wow. And it’s going well? 

MO: Yeah, it’s going well. We have a couple of locations now and we’re continuing to grow.

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