Managing Anxiety and Depression

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Spring has definitely sprung! Birds are chirping and flowers are blooming. Everything is waking up after the long winter. However, if you suffer from anxiety or depression, these events may not strike you as joyful.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately 40 million adults suffer from anxiety disorders. While this predominantly impacts those aged 18 to 54, talk to any teen these days and the trickledown theory is definitely in effect. In fact, it’s the most common mental health illness in the United States. So much so that organizations have been created to help people cope with this debilitating disorder.

What Causes Anxiety?

Anxiety can be described as being tense, worried or continually distracted by a multitude of concerns, big or small. It may manifest physically with symptoms of higher blood pressure, trembling, dizziness or a fast heartbeat. It can be caused by genetics, life events, or even the chemistry of the brain. Anxiety may also be accompanied by depression for nearly half of those diagnosed.

There are a multitude of treatments for anxiety and depression including medication, therapy and some natural medicines for anxiety such as tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT). However, any treatment should be discussed with a licensed mental health professional. Finding the right treatment is key to recovery or at minimum, management of symptoms.

Another alternative medicine for anxiety and depression is whole body cryotherapy. Cryotherapy works with your body’s own healing processes to increase your “happy hormone” – endorphins and may help alleviate some anxiety symptoms like insomnia or nervousness.

If you’re interested in learning how Cryotherapy can help you manage your anxiety or depression symptoms, contact Nordic Edge today.