Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy for Knee Surgery Recovery

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Simply put, Localized Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy are two recovery-focused modalities that, when combined, may have a beneficial impact on the overall post-surgery knee recovery (reduced pain, reduced swelling, reduced need for analgesics, and increased range of motion). (Schröder & Pässler, 1994)

Recently, Nordic Edge’s founder, Dr. Marie O’Connor, contributed to a post on Complete Orthopedics where she shed light on some of the mechanics behind Cryotherapy (cold therapy) and its function to help with post-surgery knee recovery.

“Cryotherapy triggers an anti-inflammatory norepinephrine release that reduces short-term pain from injuries …[and]… makes physical therapy more tolerable.  The lowering of inflammation allows the client to move the knee more freely; therefore maximizing their exercise sessions to get the best results.”

Marie O’Connor, Nordic Edge

In addition to her comments, Dr. Stephanie Idjadi provided some insights into multilayer compression therapy and both its mechanics and efficacy in assisting with post-operative recovery.

“In a randomized control trial, multilayer compression therapy (the same compression gradient that NormaTec employs) caused immediate significant reductions in post-operative edema for total knee replacements, even being more effective than ice packs in reducing swelling immediately post-operatively.”

Stephanie Idjadi, DPT, Reddy Care Physical & Occupational Therapy

At the time of this post, both Localized Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy are available at Nordic Edge’s multiple locations, including but not limited to: Brooklyn, NY, and Eastchester, NY.

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1) Schröder, D., & Pässler, H. H. (1994). Combination of cold and compression after knee surgery. Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy2(3), 158–165. doi: 10.1007/bf01467918